Appeal to the peoples all around the world


By the name of kind and gracious GOD I apply to all the progressive and humanist peoples all over the world. What would you do if your neighbour enters your home , lives there freely and kills wildly your guiltless babies and children, innocent parents and defenseless  adults? What would you do in a such situation? I am Azerbaijanian. I am neither a member of any political party , nor a politician. I am an ordinary citizen of Azerbaijcan. There was war in my native land. The war was in my country not out of Azerbaiycan borders.

The history of Armenia- Azerbaiycan conflicts goes back to the beginning of the 19th century. The Russian Empire’s policy of creating Armenian state in the territory of Azerbaijan started to be  realized in the beginning of the XIX century.

 The Iravan  Khanate was one of the Azerbaijan Turkish’s state established after the fall of the Nadir Shah’s Empire in the middle of the 18th century.

The current territory of the Republic of Armenia was in the beginning of the 19th century The Azerbaijan Turkishs’ state- The Iravan Khanate. The original inhabitants of these lands were Azerbaijani Turks. In the course of Russian Empire’s userper wars that was intended to occupy of the South Caucasus in the early 19th century, the Armenians living in the territories of Iran and Turkey actually helped the Russian army. In this way the Armenians were trying to create a state for themselves in the territory of Turkey and Azerbaijan.

The tsarist Russia was using the Armenians who betrayed Turkish state –as tools in its wars against Iran and Ottoman Empire. The Russian Empire having won the war of 1826-1828 against  Gajar’s Iran and the war of 1828-1829 against Ottoman Empire implemented massive relocations of Armenians to the newly invaded North Azerbaijani territories –mainly in Iravan, Nakhchivan and Garabagh Khanate. The relocation Armenians from Iran and Turkey to Azerbaycani lands were provided all kinds of necessary conditions.

The Russian Empire’s purpose was to create a durable Cristian strip along the borders Iran, Turkey and Azerbaijan and to use Armenians as tools in their future invasion of those states. The tsarist Russia used the Armenian factor systematically and extensively in order to “cleanse” the Caucasus of its Turkic –Muslim population. The relocation of Armenians to Azerbaijani lands caused acute discontent within the local population. Azerbaijanis deprived of their ancestral lands and left homeless.

In total, from 1820s during 90 years over 1 million Armenians were relocated to South Caucasus. They were settled mostly on Azerbaijan territories and South Caucasus lands where inhabited mainly by Azerbaijanians.

Finally, the Armenians’ illusion of to create a state from sea to sea resulted  Khojaly Genocide-one of the most incredible tragedy of the 20th century.

   The Armenian government wanted to annex Daghlig Garabagh to Armenia despite international legal norms and demonstrated their readiness to commit to any kind of crime and barbarism for the sake of its ideology.

 On 26 February 1992 men, women, children and adults were slaughtered by the Armenians’ bloodthirsty conquerors.

    A part of town residents attempted to flee but they were killed by the Armenians waiting in the ambushes. According to the Russian sources 200 corpses had been brought from Khojaly to Agdam for 4 days, tens of humiliation facts has been discovered on them.

Antiga the resident of Khojaly was burned alive because she didn’t say “these places are part of Great Armenia”

Khojaly resident Sariya Talibova told: “heads of 4 meskheti Turks and 3 Azerbaijanians were cut off over Armenian grave. They extracted eyes of 2 Azeris.

Armenians outraged upon survivors. They scalped, cut people’s head and other organs off, extracted eyes of children, chopped stomachs of pregnant women.

Khojaly Genocide terrified journalists and publicists of Russia, Georgia, Great Britain, France, Germany, the USA, etc.

In 1992 the Armenian invaders pushed into Azerbaijan and captured the whole territories of Daghlig Garabagh and 7 neighboring districts The Armenian aggressors razed the cities and villages to the ground ,destroyed  mosques, cemeteries, and all the historical monuments of Azerbaijan in the invaded territories. More than 1 million Azerbaijanians became refugees.

On September 27 in  2020 Armenia bombed cities of Azerbaijan and civil inhabitants and began the second stage of Daghlig Garabagh war.

Azerbaijan army was fighting only for to defend Azerbaijan’s civilians and its lands. Armenia hadn’t a regular (standing) army. They used hired soldiers as tool and fastened them to the armoured cars that they couldn’t run away.

At last I address my speech to the United Nations and International Organizations:                 Our matter is the matter of justice. We struggle for our civil rights and to defend our country.

If your aim is peace and justice, why didn’t you protest Armenian aggression for 30 years?

      Why didn’t you demand obeying 4 adopted resolutions against Armenia on unconditional withdrawal of Armenian troops from the territories of Azerbaijan?

Who cheers up the Armenians, who gives the courage the Armenians to war sleeking their back?

The Head of every state represents his nation. Today the prime minister of Armenia  N. Pashinyan doesn’t know correctly his nation’s history and doesn’t know who was their ancestors and where was their land. His illiterate, narrow-minded speech proved it.(Munich Security Conference)

    Please advise the Armenians to learn their autobiography well.  I apply to all the peoples of the world: if there is a single Armenian in your country banish him (her) from the country in time, otherwise he or she will propagate and drive you out from your country. They will do the same for you whenever but it will be too late at that time.

       The Armenians are that tribe who split to the utensil that they ate in it a while ago.

   Today the fire shooting out Azebaijan solder’s weapon is not cannon ball, it is the hawl of moaning land that is under the enemy’s  trample  for 30 years, the scream of guiltless  and sinless babies and the wails of martyrs’ mothers.

 Mothers in Azerbaijan don’t want to cry. They want to smile, enough to cry!!!      Mothers of martyrs won’t weep bitterly for their sons.

Their scream will stop the guns. Mothers of martyr will never cry. Because they know “Martyrs will never die”

     Only GOD is almighty. Truth and Justice are the 99 names of GOD. Let almighty GOD for the sake of his names Truth and Justice bless Azerbaijan people who struggle for their rights and lands.


Baku State University , departmebt of English for the faculties of arts    

teacher of English Hajiyeva Taravat

Azerbaijan State Academy of Physical Education and Sport

instructor : Abdullayeva  Arzu