Azerbaijani MP: global community easily buys into Armenian lies

Officials in Yerevan today are unable to show even a single historical monument belonging to Armenians with more than 200 years of age to foreign guests, director of the Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, academician and Azerbaijani MP Yagub Mahmudov told journalists.

He noted that the Armenian-Dashnak gangs committed genocide against the Turkic-Muslim peoples in North and South Azerbaijan, Eastern Anatolia and Central Asia.

"As a result of research conducted by the Institute of History in connection with the activities of the criminal group of the "26 Baku Commissars", which carried out mass genocide against the Azerbaijani people in 1918, numerous new facts were revealed. In January 2009, as directed by President Ilham Aliyev, immediately after it was discovered that the burial belonging to 26 Baku commissars contained not 26, but 23 bodies, a special research group was created at the Institute of History, and a scientific investigation was initiated," Mahmudov said.

The director of the Institute noted that the Dashnak-Bolshevik regime, headed by Stepan Shaumian, had prepared in advance and carried out mass genocide against the Azerbaijani people in a conscious and systematical manner.

"Of particular interest is the document connected to Shaumian, discovered during the study of archival documents. This document indicates that Shaumian, just like Anastas Mikoyan, was not shot along with the "26 Baku Commissars". Having studied this document, it becomes clear that after the execution of "26 Baku commissars" – that is, for 10 days from September 20 to October 1, 1918 – Shaumian was given food in a prison in Krasnovodsk [today Turkmenbashi, Turkmenistan]," he added.

Mikoyan was, besides Shaumian, the second spared prisoner, according to Mahmudov.

“The global community easily buys into Armenian lies and believes them. However, the global community is not inclined to accept our realities. Therefore, we must put more effort in this direction,” he said.

Mahmudov noted that numerous archival documents were published by the Institute of History in recent years, in the form of a compendium reflecting the genocide committed against the Azerbaijani people.