Armenia violates ceasefire with Azerbaijan 21 times

The Iranian economy needs three key indices for development, scientific board member of Iran’s University of Isfahan and economist Shahram Moini said, reports via ISNA.

He said that these indices include human resources, investments and technology.

He added that though there is no problem with human resources in Iran, there are no investments and technology indices.

He said the lack of investments emerges due to the lack of production, adding that the additional income is used in the production process.

"Accordingly, Iran, a country with less production, will have little investments from the inside," he noted. "In such cases, these countries can attract investments from abroad."

He said that if Iran doesn’t use foreign investments and uses only domestic resources to increase its production, then economic growth will be limited to 2-3 percent.

He added that it is necessary to use technology to increase production. If only local technology is used in production, Iran may not have the highest technology in all areas, he said.

"That’s why the product isn’t easily sold," he noted. "In such cases, the government has to support production."

He added that the best way to support production is to create conditions for the growth of producers’ reserves and to establish relations with foreign investors.